The "G" in GPS

How exciting to enter the world of blogging! Having just attended the Florida Christian Writer’s Conference, a new world revealed itself to me in my favorite class held there, Internet Marketing. Cyberspace calls to me. I still do not quite understand it but plan to learn all I can about it. Thanks for hanging in there with me as I weave my way into this mysterious world of “blogging”.

As I pondered my first article I would post, it became obvious to me as I read back through my personal goals for this blog. I want to talk about God first and foremost.

God saved my marriage. I could not have done it without him. Period. Too lost to know where to begin, I was overwhelmed with negative thoughts and emotions that only He could change. Thank you, God. As I look back at that horrific time, it amazes me to see how He gradually changed my thinking and attitude. Unfortunately for me (and my family), I allowed myself to wallow in the miry pits for quite awhile before I finally called out to Him. He never gave up on me. He was right there, waiting. It was truly miraculous!

I will always remember the amazing way in which God resurrected my marriage. We have to build monuments in our lives of the times He was there for us. Then, in the midst of difficulties, you look back and remind yourself how mighty He truly is. Don’t ever forget that, especially if you struggle in your marriage right now. We serve an awesome God and He can make the necessary changes needed in your marriage. But, He expects obedience from you in return.

I think of my life B.C. (before Christ). Ouch! I thought I was a “good” person but I lived a terrible life, doing what I wanted to satisfy the desires of my flesh. Life A.C. (after Christ) is SO MUCH BETTER! I NEVER want to do it alone again! I’ll always include Him in everything. He has blessed me in ways unimaginable and has led me down paths I would never have thought to go, paths much better than I could have planned.

God is the "G" in GPS. He is the most important part of our journey to find our path. If you put Him first in your life, you will see incredible changes in your thinking, your attitudes, and your behavior. If you put Him in the center of your marriage, seeking His advice, His plan, and His wisdom, you will experience joy and love in your marriage as you’ve never known before.

Overwhelming as it may sound, you can begin right now. Pray for God’s guidance and participation in your marriage. Even better, pray with your spouse about it. If your spouse isn’t a believer, that gives you MORE reason to pray!

#1 Key to a joyful marriage - pray together every day with your spouse! You WILL see amazing changes!

*Oprah Winfrey had a specialist on her show many years ago who stated that in a survey taken, the couples who prayed together had a better sex life…


Anonymous said…
Let's see if this works! ;o) I think the blog looks great and can't wait to learn more helpful hints to keep my marriage "fresh"!

LLG said…
Love your new blog, Sandee! It's great!
Unknown said…
You're great mommy! I think you should expand more on sex though... you know, like a younger much hotter Dr. Ruth??
I love you!
Karen said…
I love your blog. Good work! Be sure and include Subscribe to your blog, for us that want to be notified when you post again. Cute pic too!

Loved seeing you again and spending time at the conference.

Alexa said…
Good... stay blessed.

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