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What Happened to Faith?

Faith seems to be a rare commodity in our country.  Is it any wonder, though, that we have lost faith when we look at the state of our society? We’ve lost faith in a government that once governed “for the people, by the people.” It has become greedy for power and control – unconcerned for the needs of the people.  We’ve lost faith in the values that once resonated strongly in the hearts of our country.  Now, there is no right or wrong.  It’s all about what works for “me.” We’ve lost faith in a justice system that once ruled fairly and just but is now influenced by the power of money. We’ve lost faith in a healthcare system that has  over-inflated  the cost of care while  under-inflating  the quality. We’ve lost faith in a banking system that once looked out for its customers but now crushes their dreams for the almighty dollar. We’ve lost faith in the security of jobs because it’s become too expensive for employers to higher full-time employees. We’ve lost

They Just Don't Get It - Part 2

I know I may come off pretty strongly with my thoughts about mothers staying at home with their children instead of working, but I speak as someone who’s struggled through it.  Looking back, I’m more than grateful I spent that time at home with my children.  They were very special years that I would never have recovered, especially once they started school.  It was well worth giving up all the “things” and “career” I thought I would miss out on.  The bottom line is that children develop faster and are emotionally healthier when they spend their first five years at home with their mother or father.  We will have more years with our children as adults, so our job is to be there to prepare them for adulthood in the short time we have them as children.   For more information, go to: If we weren’t such a material-hungry society, it would be much easier for mothers to stay at home.  Besides, you’ll probably never hear