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Praise and Worship and Marriage

We worship God in many ways.  My favorite way to lift up my thanks and love to Him is through praise and worship music. I’ve had some struggles with it in the past, though; especially when I wasn’t part of the praise and worship team of whatever church I attended.  As a musician, I focused on the actual music or performance when I didn’t play in the praise band.  My selfish thoughts and desires often got in the way of the worship. At times, I forgot the importance of singing God’s praises to Him. We all have roadblocks that can hinder our praise and worship. I’ve also heard others talk about how the praise and worship music deeply touches them. They believe God speaks to them through it, or they receive a feeling of peace and joy.  Many go to church looking for that Sunday “high” they get from praise and worship.  Yes, I believe God presents Himself to us, but there is also an artificial exhilaration that comes from the music and the atmosphere of the people. We have to know the

On This Family Holiday, Pray for Family

Thanksgiving week.  How did it get here already?  Seriously.  I swear it was March just yesterday and now it’s November?  I’m amazed how time speeds up the older we get.  It makes me realize how important it is to keep our priorities in line and to appreciate our days.   And that’s partly why we celebrate Thanksgiving.    To not forget the good in life and to recognize the amazing people around us. I have been greatly blessed in the past month to have my mother move to Florida, permanently.  I have dreamed of having her live near me for many, many years. (I left home at the age of 23 to travel the world with my Air Force husband.) My mother would visit for a few months in the winter, but she never felt “settled”.  Now she has her own place and is starting a new life.  She deserves it as she has had enormous struggles in the past few years.  God has answered our fervent prayers, and the troubles are all behind her.  I now get the pleasure of enjoying her company. Not onl

Pray For The President

In these past few days since the elections, I’ve had to cry to God a few times to “get a grip” on the results.  I have felt more angry at the state of our country than about who was actually chosen.   How have we veered so far from our values and our faith in God?  Why did so many people choose not to step out and vote? At one point, God boldly reminded me that He was still in control no matter who became the next president.  This is all part of His plan.  We can’t doubt that.  He will always be in control through the difficult times we may face in the future and, what seems to be approaching, the challenges of the end times.  If the end times are around the corner as many believe, this may be an inevitable path we must follow. I wanted to share with you, below, the devotional for November 7 th from the Presidential Prayer Team.  Instead of fearing or fighting what lies ahead, we need to be in prayer for our president and for our country.  ---------------------------------

Prayer for a Married Couple

Prayer for a Married Couple Iyanla Vanzant Dear God: B less my marriage today. B less me and my wife/husband with a clear vision of your purpose for our union. B less us by ordering our steps. B less our prayers for each other. Bless us with safety from all harm. Bless us with hearts that are open and filled with gentle compassion for each other. B less us so that we will remember to compliment and encourage each other. B less us with strength from the inside that spills forth to the outside so that no weapon can be formed against us or within us. B less my wife/husband in everything that she/he does this day. B less her/his thoughts, words and deeds in every situation and under all circumstances. B less and fill my wife’s/husband’s heart with overwhelming peace and joy. Hear her/his every concern and bring every appropriate solution to her/his mind clearly and gently. B less me to know and to see only the things that really matt