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They Just Don't Get It!

One of the most common problems I hear with couples, especially the wife, is that the husband doesn’t help enough around the house and with the children.  In these days where 90% of women work outside of the home, they still do most of the housework and the caring of the children.                                                                                                                                                     A friend of mine, who is a hairdresser, once told me of an elderly woman who came into her shop one day.    In a leisurely conversation, the woman told her that she thought women were stupid.    They worked hard for “women’s liberation”, only to gain one more thing to do. My friend took offense to this statement until she started thinking about what the elderly woman meant.  What have we, as women, gained from being “liberated” besides a full-time job on top of taking care of children, a house and a husband?  My friend began to realize the truth of the eld

Are You Too Busy?

As summer vacation draws to an end and school begins, I'm reminded of the craziness that comes with a new school year.  Traffic gets worse and lives get busier. I see lots of frazzled mothers who are trying to do everything.  Their lives are so busy that they have no time for their spouse or for themselves (which ultimately leads to marriage problems).  They can't see how desperate their children are for quality attention from their parents, and how they long for some time to just act like children. They're off every evening to some sports practice, or music lesson, or Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts or one of the countless activities available for kids to make them "well-rounded".  When my kids were young and after many years of the craziness, I began to limit their activities and discovered they were much happier to have time at home to be a family.   My friends from People To People Ministry (check out their website at  ) made th