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I have gotten away from my weekly posting, but plan to get back into the routine.  Life has been crazy.  Besides, I’ve had this blog for over six years, so I believe I’ve covered almost everything there is to cover about marriage.  If you have any suggestions for an article, please message me or leave a comment. I heard a sermon about disappointment, and it made me think about disappointment in marriage.  It can become poison that will destroy a relationship if not handled correctly.  This preacher said “Disappointment is not permanent – don’t make it that way.” We face disappointment every day.  Maybe your spouse says something that hurts your feelings. Maybe you’re tired of picking up their socks for the 10 millionth time – they’ve ignored your pleas to keep the house tidy.  Maybe they don’t live up to your expectations of what marriage should look like.  Maybe life hasn’t worked out the way you planned, and you feel disappointed with God. It is easy to dwell on the frus