Communication: Conversation

Conversation with your spouse is a vital part of love, and a very important need for women. Along with affection, it brings a deep connection to one another. When nurtured daily, conversation and affection serve to strengthen the bond of love between a man and woman. The lack of conversation will quickly kill that love.

Conversation is a necessity to keep a couple united as one, physically and emotionally. Conversation with her husband will make a woman feel romantic and intimate. (What are you waiting for guys? Here’s a surefire guarantee for physical intimacy.)

Most men have no great need for conversation. It is imperative for men to discover the art of conversing with their wives. Find something to talk to your wife about that interests you both. There is no need for deep, intellectual discussion, unless of course it’s an avenue you both like to share. Most women are grateful for any undivided, positive attention they can get from their spouse, no matter how trivial the conversation.

Before we all got married, we usually spent many hours talking to our future spouse, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. We got married because we wanted to continue all that wonderful time we loved to share together. Do you still feel the same way? Do you still spend a lot of time together? Maybe you need to talk more.

Conversation should always be positive and never critical. Simple conversation can easily lead to conflict if not carefully guarded. What seems like harmless “nagging” is actually criticism in disguise. The “nagged” will quickly shut down and tune out. Conversation is then abruptly halted.

Nagging is actually a cry for a need to be met. Learning to be honest, open, and specific, without criticism, can turn nagging into healthy conversation.

Positive and frequent conversation will mend built-up wounds accumulated from years of spending little time together, and unhealthy communication.


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