More About the Roles of Women

Since the influence of Women’s Lib, the roles of men and women have changed greatly in our culture. I agree that women should be paid equal wages to men. We are capable of doing the same work, unless it involves heavy physical labor that may inhibit some women.

My question is, do all women want to be out their working and establishing this supposedly "amazing" career that we’ve been conditioned to pursue?

I went to high school and college in the 70’s, a time when women’s lib was powerfully voicing their ideas. We were programmed to believe we should have a career. Staying at home with children as a housewife was a degrading, worthless job (in their opinions).

When I had my own children, I struggled greatly whether to work or not while they were young. My heart desperately wanted to stay home with them, but my mind, and society, told me I should go to work.

I worked part-time in the evenings for a few years while Rick stayed home with the kids. I would not recommend this kind of schedule that allows no time with your husband. It is difficult to keep a marriage healthy under those conditions. (Our marriage almost failed at that point.)

We baby boomers have passed this mentality on to the present generation, who now accept working women as the standard. In talking to young mothers though, most share great anxieties about taking their children to daycare. Many would prefer to stay at home, but have gotten themselves in a financial quandary that necessitates their need to work.

The financial obligation for most women to work is mainly due to the American way of buying far beyond our needs. A large percentage of families have exorbitant credit card debt, requiring additional income from the wife.

The world teaches us we need the bigger house, expensive cars, and best clothing. Meanwhile, our children are suffering by missing out on the opportunity of being raised by their mothers. So much for women’s lib.

I think of a family friend who recently moved into a larger home. They wanted more space. The working wife sat at her desk one day looking at her finances. She regretfully sighed, “If we had stayed in our smaller house, I could be at home with my children. What were we thinking?”

For those of you women who genuinely require a job, my heart goes out to you. It is very difficult for women to ‘do it all.’ Unfortunately though,many women choose to work outside of the home because it is often easier than staying home with the kids.

Our children are small for a very short period of time. There is plenty of time for women to work when the children start school. Working part-time or only during school hours is a wonderful option. Teenagers need a supportive parent around after school just as much as younger children. There’s plenty of time for a career when the kids leave.

Enjoy and use wisely the precious time you have with your children while they are at home. In the midst of it, you may feel as though it will last forever, (a LONG forever…) but in no time they’ll be leaving the nest.

You WILL look back and wonder where the years went, I promise. It is very important to be there for them in their formative years so they can become productive, healthy adults. Realize that you will spend more years with your children as adults than as children.


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