True Love

We are not accurately taught about true love in our society. Our parents supply our main source of learning about it. Many of us come from broken and dysfunctional homes, and so our perception of love is very distorted.

We learn from our friends, who share equally painful understandings of love. Most of us have experienced heartbreak while dating, causing pain and cynicism toward love.

Movies, magazines, and books only talk about the initial “head-over-heels” stage, leaving us clueless as to what lies beyond.The world in which we live tends to show this ‘early love’ as the only kind of love.

Movies are always romantic and exciting, usually expressing this beginning stage of love. They tell us when that love disappears, it’s time to move on to another relationship, or maybe have an affair to fuel that fire again.

Many of America’s worldly idols, Hollywood stars, live their lives this way. These Hollywood ideas about love greatly influence the minds of most people.

No wonder we have no clue. I believe this is part of the reason there is so much divorce and so many people choosing not to marry. Once the going gets tough, romantic love evaporates into thin air. Couples that haven’t moved past the romantic love, give up.

Most people don’t realize that going through the difficult times is what builds that deep, true love that makes a strong marriage.
Gold is only purified after it goes through the fire. Our relationship with God is purified through fiery trials. Our marriages are purified through our trials and tribulations as a couple. Purified means to get rid of some harmful, inferior, or unwanted contaminants.

“The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” - Chinese Proverb

Trials help us establish our marriage relationship in order to experience the true love that God intended for us.


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