God - The Vital Key

For those of us who have given our lives and selves over to God, we don’t ever want to go back to how it was before we had Him in our lives. I lived a turbulent life before I asked for God’s help. Had it not been for God miraculously saving my marriage almost 20 years ago, I believe my life would still be in shambles right now.

I won’t make decisions without discovering first what God’s will is for me. Trust me, life is so much better this way. Obedience to God brings rewards and blessing from Him that make life joyful. The “peace that surpasses all understanding” that He gives is the most precious gift, especially living in a world with great conflict and turmoil.

Finding out God's will for you involves daily prayer. It doesn't have to be eloquent and lengthy, but more like a conversation you would have with your best friend.

If you don’t know the love of God, I encourage you to seek Him. He’s right there. Open up His book (the Bible) and He will begin talking to you, if you sincerely desire to know Him.

Choosing to place God as your number one priority is the vital key to a successful marriage. Through our relationship with God, we learn how to relate to our spouse. With God in the center of your marriage, you can face whatever problems and trials come your way.

To keep God in the center of your marriage, I strongly advise praying together with your spouse, daily. THAT is the secret to a successful marriage! Remember, the couple that prays together stays together AND they have a better sex life!

The suggestions in this blog will aid you in your pursuit of a healthy marriage, but ultimately, turning your life and your marriage over to God will guarantee your success. He in turn will help you make the necessary changes for a better marriage.

Don’t get discouraged, it takes time and practice to implement change. The closer you draw to God, the easier it will become. May God bless you and award you with the joyful marriage you desire!


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