Quality Communicator

The “Q” in TALQ stands for quality. The need to achieve high standards, quality work, and a flawless reputation are driven by the fear of making a wrong choice. People who recognize quality as their top area are very careful about making a move or saying the words that might blemish their character. That is intolerable to them.

Cautious in conversation and decisions, quality people weigh their time and abilities before committing to anything. “Impulsive” is not part of their vocabulary. They resist involvement in activities or projects that they cannot complete with excellence.

Quality people always want to find the right way to do things no matter how long it takes. You might label them as perfectionists. Although difficult to work with because of their need for perfection, they will achieve a high level of quality in whatever they do.

Reading the Parrots definition of a cautious decision maker verses a spontaneous decision maker makes me feel a little better about my indecisive tendencies. (Yes, I’m often driven by the fear of making a wrong choice.) I’m happy to see I’m not alone.

The Cautious Decision Maker:
Frequently says, “I’m not sure yet
Is conscientious, has high standards and is accurate
Under stress they become exacting and perfectionist
In conflict, they become indecisive and unyielding

The Spontaneous Decision Maker
Says, “Let’s go for it”
Is bold, decisive and independent
Under stress, they become controversial and insensitive
In conflict, they become reckless and overconfident

If you are married to someone with the same capacity for making decisions as you, you may avoid the many confrontations that two opposite decision makers face. I would guess that most couples contain one cautious decision maker and one spontaneous decision maker. Of course, there are always exceptions.

We can all relate to each area of personality the Parrots’ talk about to some degree. You may be a mixture of all four. Most of us exceed in one area but still express characteristics of the others. Understanding your communication tendencies and those of your spouse will improve your communication with each other.

You may have a tendency to view these areas negatively, especially when seeing they are fueled by fear. Hopefully, this will help you understand your personality and your spouses better and will improve your communication with each other. There is good in all of these behaviors and that’s where we need to focus. God made us all with amazing personalities for a reason. Embrace that and make the best of it!



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