With all the recent news about Tiger Woods, I feel compelled to discuss the delicate subject of infidelity. It is hard to imagine how someone who appeared to ‘have it all together,’ lived a secret life of lies and indiscretions. And not only once, but many, many times.

I can see how celebrities easily become intoxicated by the adoration of fans. Tiger, no doubt, had women pursuing him relentlessly. He also spent excessive time away from his wife and family, making him more vulnerable to persistant women.

Most celebrities cannot help but get caught up in their own glory and probably feel that they are above the expectations of ‘normal folk’. I’m sure Tiger had people covering his tracks for him. How else would this have stayed a secret for so long with so many women? Imagine. They ignored his sin because he was Tiger Woods.

We have made such gods out of celebrities in this country that they forget they are only human. Only by the grace of God will they ever be able to keep the correct perspective on life. That is the only thing that will save Tiger, the grace and mercy of God, if he chooses to listen.

God is the only thing that will save us from the same mistake. It is easier to fall into that “adultery snare” than you think, so you need to be prepared to avoid that temptation if, or when, it arises.  You or your spouse will probably face the temptation of adultery at one time in your marriage.

It is extremely difficult to live in this world, even as ordinary people, and keep a solid perspective on our lives. Sex has become a sport, a casual encounter treated no differently than going to a ballgame. If your feet aren’t planted firmly on the word of God, you will begin to believe this carefree attitude about having sex and will see no harm in engaging in a meaningless “tumble in the hay.” (For you younger people who don’t recognize that term, it means ‘sex’.)

We watch movies all the time where couples engage in extramarital affairs, and we are becoming immune to the horror of it. (That part is usually not portrayed in movies.) We see couples in the church and preachers on television succumb to the evils of infidelity. (How many do we not know about?) Hiding under the guise of church and Christianity does NOT protect you from adultery in your marriage.

What if your spouse commits adultery? What would you do? Our human tendency is to leave. Adultery is the ultimate humiliation for the one who’s been cheated on. How could the person you love and adore, and pledged to spend the rest of your life with, turn their affections to another, to know them in the most intimate way? When we marry, we join as one in flesh and spirit. Adultery violently invades that union, shredding it into pieces and tearing it at the core.

Can a couple survive the devastation of an affair? Unfortunately, the world also tells us to leave a cheating spouse. Even well meaning Christians give out this same advice to other Christians they know who are faced with an unfaithful spouse.

I believe we are missing the boat when it comes to dealing with infidelity in marriage. Stay tuned with me as I continue to delve into the miry pit of adultery.


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