Stay Strong

I still want to discuss a few more things on forgiveness, but I’ve been distracted by the devastation in Haiti. We have a friend who is still missing there, and I realize how insignificant our petty issues become when faced with the loss of someone. I’m sure our friend’s wife is not dwelling on the annoying things her husband did or any areas she struggled to forgive him. She only wants to hear that he has been found and is alright. All she cares about is to see his face and hear his voice again.

It is important that we learn to forgive because we don’t know how much time any of us have with our loved ones and families. Life is fragile.

Kenny Bourland headed to Haiti the morning of the earthquake and arrived to his hotel shortly before it occurred. He sent an email to his wife, when he arrived, saying he was okay, and then the earthquake hit. She hasn’t heard from him since. As I write this, Sunday evening, he is still missing.

It occurred to me this morning, as I had my ‘God’ time, that we allow ourselves to become too wrapped up in living in this world (I know I do). We can’t lose sight of the big picture, God’s plan for us. It’s easy to forget our focus, God’s will for us. There are days that, after hearing the news, I want to lock the doors and stay inside. This world is becoming an awful place to live.

All we hear in the news is the terrible evil that goes on in the world. (I'd like to hear more of the good.) Add all the natural disasters and diseases, and it’s no wonder we want to shut all the blinds and never go out.

However, we know the truth, the end of the story. If we are living in the end days, things are not going to get better. We need to realize that and stay strong. In the final ending, though, God is victorious and life will be glorious.

I asked God to give me strength to endure whatever the future holds. I want to do my part, to do what He has planned for me. I don’t want to become paralyzed by the devastation we face that I forget why I’m here.

It is important that we make our marriages strong in order to deal with whatever lies ahead in our lives. A troubled marriage can keep you from the will of God, the life that He intended for you. Learn to forgive and learn the tools to make your marriage successful.

Holding on to unforgiveness and bitterness will sidetrack us from God. He tells us in His word that if we can’t forgive others, He won’t forgive us. We can’t do God’s will if we can’t forgive others. We are put on Earth for a reason - find out what it is and live your life to fulfill it. Don’t let anything distract you from that.

Please keep Kenny and his wife, Peggy, and their family in your prayers. Thank you.


Joanne Fetzer said…
Well said, Sandee! Thank you for this sobering reminder. However, we DO know how the "story" ends and we have much to look forward to, thanks to Jesus Christ. Will pray for your friend's family. I cannot imagine living with that uncertainty!

God bless,
Joanne Fetzer

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