Unforgiveness quickly becomes bitterness which will turn our thoughts into pessimistic thinking.  We live in a world that thrives on the negative and holds on to wrong-doings.  These attitudes can become a prominent part of someone’s personality if they choose to allow it. 

An unforgiving attitude equals harmful thinking which equals problems in your lives and in your marriages.  It is like a cancer in your bodies.  It will eventually destroy your spirit, your soul, and your love if not treated.  It can prevent a person from realizing the true potential God created within them. 

Unforgiveness may be the number one stumbling-block to a successful marriage.  It’s not always unforgiveness towards your spouse, but often towards someone from your past whose actions have controlled and haunted you.  Holding on to the iniquities of others against you negatively affects your relationships, especially your marriage.

Jesus died on the cross not only for our sins, but for the sins of others who wronged us.  He took our pain and sorrows to the cross with Him.  He knows how it feels to be rejected, despised and mistreated. He took that all to Calvary to save us from the pain.

I often think about Jesus’ words on the cross.  Crucifixion is the most hideous form of death.  It is a slow, excruciating death, the worst kind of torture.  But what does Jesus pray to His Father in Heaven?  In Luke 23:32,  He says, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

Jesus is experiencing the most agonizing death conceivable, yet he asks God to forgive those who do this to Him.  Can you imagine facing your murderers on the brink of your death and asking God to forgive them?  We have no room for unforgiveness if we claim to be a Christian desiring to become more like Jesus.

God showers us with love and mercy no matter what we do.  We continue to sin and fail to uphold the standards He desires for us, yet He always loves us and shows us grace and mercy.  He always forgives us.  That is how we should treat others, with love, grace and mercy.

As I write this, our friend in Haiti, Kenny Bourland, has still not been found.  It’s difficult to understand God’s plans at a time like this, but I ask that you keep Kenny’s family in your prayers, that God would fill them with His love, grace and mercy.


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