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I want to thank all of you who have been praying for our friend, Kenny, and his family. We found out yesterday that his body was recovered in Haiti. I ask that you continue to keep the Bourland family in your prayers.

On with Pastor Ronnie’s message: The last posting was about emotions and sex - below is the conclusion.

“Why did God make us so different? One reason is so that each of us will have to look outside ourselves for fulfillment. It gives us an opportunity to get outside our comfort zones and to serve each other.

 Our differences also enable us to fulfill different roles in life. Hundreds of years ago, men had to be emotionally detached enough to leave the family, go out and hunt for food. Their sexual desire was something that brought them back home.

 The wife, meanwhile, was wired to hold the family together emotionally until her husband returned. She nurtured the family and helped reconnect the father to the emotional needs of the family when he got back home.

God made men and women different, but He did it for a reason. Understanding these differences and learning how they can complement each other is the key to sexual fulfillment in marriage.”

I personally believe one of the greatest gifts we can give our spouse is to sincerely try to understand them. Men and women are so very different from each other. When we ignore those differences and assume our spouse feels the same way we do, we can’t achieve the healthy marriage that God intends for us.

Not trying to understand your spouse and work with their differences is equal to living a selfish life where you expect your spouse to always cater to your needs and desires. Marriage is a give, give proposition. We need to always put our spouse’s needs ahead of our own, especially when it comes to sex. Allowing selfishness to get in the way leads to trouble in marriage.

Take the time to understand your spouse and why they act and react the way they do. Ask them to help you understand. Spend some time talking with them about what “makes them tick”. This will lead to greater intimacy in your marriage and a greater understanding of each other.


Unknown said…
I really enjoyed this message, a real eye opener

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