Some More on Why We Marry

When God made Eve out of Adam, He intended for them to be united as one, forever.  In His eyes, they were married.  They may not have had a formal ceremony (who would have come?), but nevertheless, they were one flesh.

In Matthew 19 verse 6, Jesus repeats the verses I previously quoted from Genesis to the Pharisees.  He then adds, “So they are no longer two, but one.  Therefore, what God has joined together, let man not separate.”

In early Christian times, marriage was a private matter where two people agreed to join together.  There are differing ideas out there as to the first public marriage ceremony.  Some believe it started as a pagan ritual.  It wasn’t until the 1500’s, though, that John Calvin introduced a church authorization to include civil law.

Regardless of the legalities and history of marriage, it is clear in Genesis that God intended for a couple to be joined as one and never separate.  I believe we hold such a deep desire for this God-given right that we instinctively yearn for it.  Society and traumas from our past may lead us off this track to believe it is not a necessity. 

I can’t imagine not having my husband to share my life.  While God is my consoler, my refuge, my husband provides me with a physical comfort that no one else can.  That is what God intended for marriage.  It was meant to be an extension of His love, a way to provide a calming that requires a physical touch.  God gave us a spouse to supply us with hugs that He can’t deliver.

Married people are generally happier, healthier, more prosperous, and live longer.  Granted, there may be times where you think it’s going to kill you, but withstanding the trials of marriage will only make you stronger.

I often look at Rick as we’re engaged in our evening routine and feel a great sense of calm and peace.  Sure, we may not be as exciting as we once were, or we may not be as involved or active, but I like this stage.  We’ve grown together over time, and I know without a doubt that Rick will always be there for me.  He would jeopardize his life to save mine.

All we’ve been through and have learned about each other through the years has culminated into a wonderful joy of knowing each other.  We finish each others sentences.  We often think about the same things at the same time, and we share the same values and deep convictions.  We share the same memories.  We know each other better than we know any other human beings.  All the hard work pays off.  Marriage is worth every sacrifice and every struggle we face. 

God couldn’t be here physically with me, so he sent me Rick.


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