More About Humility and SELF

Our relationship with God is much like our marriage relationship.  You can’t be selfish or prideful and have a healthy relationship with God.  SELF is the number one factor that will keep us from the full, purposeful life God desires for us.  It will destroy our marriage and our relationship with God. 

Lucifer fell from the grace of God because of his pride and lack of humility.  No wonder pride is such a struggle for us.  The devil is an expert at pride and quickly attacks our vulnerable areas.  If we are not prepared for his assaults, we easily succumb to his lies about humility.

It’s not easy to be humble, especially when living in a world that encourages selfishness and pride.  Let’s face it, worldly success is largely based on how willing you are to promote your SELF. 

If you face difficulties putting God ahead of your SELF, chances are you’ve become a little too immersed into the world.  Those who resist dying to their SELF for God, also struggle in putting their spouse ahead of their SELF.

Are you a selfish person?  If you are not sure, ask your spouse.  Painful as that may seem, reassure them of your quest to become a self-less person in your relationship with God and with them.  A word of warning, though, to the unselfish spouse - choose your words very carefully when dealing with a spouse who needs a SELF adjustment. 

Unfortunately, most selfish people are oblivious to this trait (or so it seems) and often need a rude awakening to change their ways.  Don’t wait for that - initiate the change on your own if you suspect you carry one iota of selfishness.

How do you overcome pride and selfishness?

1. Acknowledge that they may be a problem for you.  This is the hardest yet most important part of humility.  You will not get past pride and selfishness until you face your faults.

2. Write down the areas of pride you struggle the most with - admit your issues.  Ask yourself why there is a problem; what causes it? (Or caused - probably something from your past.)

3.  Take it to God.  Repent of your difficulties and ask Him to help you overcome these issues.  You may have to repeat this step numerous times, even for as long as you live. Stay in prayer whenever your pride and self want to appear.  Learn how to resist the devil because he WILL attack you in any effort you make to draw closer to God or your spouse.

4.  Ask your spouse to help you.  This may be painful at times, and you may have to eat a lot of humble pie to take the blinders off that have prevented you from seeing the truth.  Use this as an opportunity to grow closer to God and your spouse to reach a new level of intimacy with both.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
- John 8:32


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