One More Thing About SELF

After reading over my last posting, it occurred to me how slyly the devil can mask our selfishness.  Refusing, rejecting, unwilling, unaccepting, denying, disavowing, being stubborn are a few adjectives that express someone’s love of SELF. 

I know I’ve talked many times about SELF, but I truly believe it is a dangerous weapon we carry that WILL destroy a marriage if not disarmed.  It also hinders a full relationship with God.

In the last posting, I borrowed some words from Rick Renner’s “Sparkling Gems” about easy footholds for the devil.  They all start with ‘refusing’.   Refuse means “to indicate unwillingness: to declare a decision or intention not to do something.” 

Refuse is a verb, an action.  It is not a mental state we have no control over.  We CAN willingly choose to change our thinking about the past, the present and our SELF.  We usually need God's help to do that.

And there is that word, “willingly”.  Our wills are very powerful and deeply intertwined with our SELF.  Below is part of the definition for “will” found in my Microsoft Dictionary.  Pretty extensive and deep.

1.  part of mind that makes decisions: the part of the mind with which somebody consciously decides things 
2.  power to decide: the power to make decisions
                   “That lawnmower has a will of it’s own.”
3.  process of making decisions: the use of the mind to make decisions about things
                  “It's a matter of will as much as opportunity.”
4.  determination: the determination to do something
                  “She has lots of ability but she lacks the will to succeed.”
5.  desire or inclination: a desire or inclination to do something 
6.  attitude toward somebody else: the attitude or feelings somebody has toward somebody or something
                   “I bear you no ill will.” 

Just as we have the will to refuse to forgive someone, that same will lovingly forgives when directed by our SELF.

Our SELF controls our will and our thinking process.  Although we may have blinders on to our own stubborness, attitudes and other areas that are negatively influenced by our SELF, we CAN take notice and make the necessary changes.  Ask God to show you how.

Selfishness only brings heartache and isolation, making it difficult to sustain a healthy relationship with anyone.  Selfishness interferes with God’s plan for us and our families.


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