What a Glorious Weekend! All About Love

I’ve been talking about love, and after the amazing weekend we had at my son’s wedding in Miami, I’m overwhelmed with the power love holds.

Motherhood aside, my son’s wedding was the most spectacular event I’ve ever seen. I can say that because I had no part in planning it.

What touched me the most, though, was observing the dedicated love that David (my son) and Melissa (my daughter-in-law) share. They had no doubts. They could hardly wait to become man and wife. That love showered over into everything and everybody that came in contact with them.

I talked individually with a few of the groomsmen, all unmarried, at the rehearsal dinner. At least three of them told me how David and Melissa changed their thoughts on marriage. Vowing to not ever marry, they began to rethink their convictions after viewing David and Melissa’s relationship. They realized that true love that warranted marriage was indeed possible.

As a parent, we hope that our children will someday experience that kind of love. Rick and I started praying for the spouses of our children when they were young. Melissa has certainly been a God-send to our family. We adore her. She’s perfect for David. I’ve seen him grow up and mature with her in his life. Sure, there will be ups-and-downs, but they are starting out with a very strong foundation.

As a musician, I’ve worked at many weddings. A lot of couples marry for the wrong reasons. Being upfront during wedding ceremonies afforded me the ability to watch couples closely as they repeated their vows. Many lacked passion and commitment, and I often wondered if those marriages would survive.

Weddings have become a huge business and brides, in particular, get caught in the snare of planning. Any doubts about marrying can be quickly overshadowed by all the time and money invested in wedding plans. Many continue with the wedding even when that little voice may scream for them to stop it.

I realize that most couples go into marriage blinded by love. I believe it is our responsibility as parents and mature adults to be open and honest, especially with our own children, about marriage. That means we have to learn to resolve our own problems in order to be a healthy example to them. 

Young couples don’t always appreciate the value of pre-marriage counseling or classes, but both will plant seeds that may be useful to a couple when trouble hits.

These days, young couples need all the help they can get to establish a successful marriage. We are starting a marriage mentor program in our church. If you are interested in becoming involved or would like to see one established in your own church, please contact me.

Our society is rapidly falling, partially due to the breakup of the family. We need to revitalize the institution of marriage. We can all do that on a smaller level by reaching out to young couples and couples in troubled marriages. You will be amazed at how that can strengthen your own marriage!


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