What's Happened to Christianity?

I hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend.  I did watch “Jesus of Nazareth” which is an excellent portrayal of the life of Jesus - my favorite.  It came out as a mini-series in the 70’s and always aired on Easter weekend.  I haven’t seen it shown in awhile, but fortunately, I bought a video tape version a few years ago for my mother that we watched.

Robert Powell plays the part of Jesus and he is phenomenal.  Apparently, when that series was filmed, many stars wanted to be a part of it and fought for roles. Numerous great actors from the 70’s appear in this production.  I wonder how many Hollywood celebrities would actively fight for a movie about Jesus in these days?

I’ve always loved Easter and Christmas, my two favorite holidays.  I’m finding, as I get older, the joy is becoming overwhelmed by all the commercialism.  No longer quite the religious holidays, both Easter and Christmas are now a day that merchants capitalize on and people look forward to for the time off school and work. 

We shouldn’t be surprised, though, as our Christian rights and rituals now threaten a society that desire to see them alleviated.  A little over 30 years ago, actors yearned to participate in a movie about Jesus.  Now, we have to be careful about our ‘political correctness’ in breathing His name.

I remember very clearly, in the 70’s, thinking about the possibility of Christians losing their rights.  I couldn’t imagine it.  Not in the United States! How could it every happen?  We were taught in Sunday school that it would be a sign of the end times.  I never dreamed it would happen in my lifetime.

No wonder marriages are in jeopardy.  With our Christian beliefs constantly questioned and the breakdown of our faith in God as a country, what do couples with little faith have to hang on to? 

Add to that the fact that Satan knows his days are numbered.  I believe that breaking up families has been his number one goal in destroying our world.  It’s working.

There are days that I want to close myself in and not face the world.  It’s overwhelming.  I don’t want to turn on the news to see how every day gets worse than the last.

That is not what God intends for us, though.  He put us in this world for a reason - not to curl up in fear.  We need to stay focused on His plans for us and the promise of eternity.  We are only passing through this world.  Sometimes we forget and get caught up in worldliness.  God has a bigger plan, don’t lose sight of it.

God did not send His Son to die for us so we could sit back and do nothing.  We are promised eternal life through His death, but we are also expected to get out and make a difference.  That difference may be as simple as reassuring others of the love of God, especially in these times of uncertainty.  We need to continually strive to fulfill God’s plan for us and not let the world get us down. 

I, for one, don’t want to miss out on hearing those amazing words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant!”


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