Our "Daddy"

As I was growing up, I called my earthly father, “Dad.”  It seemed to me that only my friends who had a very special relationship with their father called them “Daddy.”  I never called mine “Daddy.”  I was not very close to him.

The first time I realized this was when I watched the movie “The Little Mermaid” with my children.  At the end of the movie, the little mermaid says to her father, “I love you Daddy!”  I sobbed uncontrollably.  My father had passed away a few months earlier, and I realized I would never have a relationship with him where I would call him “Daddy.”

A few years later, a friend of mine and I were discussing all the words in the Bible for God.  One of those is “Abba”.  Abba means “father” or, as she liked to say, “Daddy.”  When she talked about God being our Daddy who would hold us on his lap when we needed comforting, the tears, again, began to pour down my face.  God is my Daddy.

Our earthly fathers are not perfect.  They come with baggage and backgrounds that may have negatively affected them.  Women, in particular, usually develop their self-esteem from their relationship with their father.  Those who did not have a positive father role-model often spend much of their lives searching for a father figure to fill that gap.  Many times they search in all the wrong places and go from relationship to relationship, desperate to find that love that they missed from their father.

God is the best father we will ever know.  He is perfect, kind, gentle, and most of all, loving.  He is the one we need to turn to in order to fill that void many of our earthly fathers leave in us.  God will supply all our needs and guide us through the amazing plan He has for each and every one of us.

Our husbands will not fill that void.  Our husbands will never be perfect.  Unfortunately, most of us (women) go into marriage believing our husbands are perfect, and if not, we can certainly change them into the man we desire.  If we don’t serve God first and foremost in our lives, we tend to elevate our spouses to that position.   Reality will quickly send a couple into turmoil if they can’t face the flaws in each other.

We, as women, need to seek God to fill the areas of our lives that we missed as children.  Alcohol, drugs, shopping, food…will NEVER do it.  Only God will complete you and help you become the person He intended for you to become - without all the insecurities and addictions that distract you from His plan.

It is so important to keep God in the center of your marriage and to realize how much you need Him.  He will keep you grounded and help you deal with the imperfections of life and marriage.  He will always be your Daddy, ready to comfort you, offer his help and show you the way.


As I read this post I can't help but think about 'The Shack', Sandee.

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