Out of the Heart

“For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.” - Luke 6:45

How did your heart do on the heart test from my last posting?  We are often unaware of the negative thoughts, resentments, unforgiveness, etc. that we hold in our hearts.  Most of it comes from our experiences as children, and so we don’t realize how unhealthy the “evil stored up in our heart” can be.  That’s all we’ve ever known.

Have you ever been around a negative person that seems to have nothing positive to say about anything?  It’s exhausting.  Imagine how it must be to live in a negative world like that. 

The things stored up in our hearts greatly affect our relationship with God and our relationship with our spouse. 

For example, when Rick and I were first married, I didn’t realize I had a right to my own opinions about choices we made in our marriage.  I thought it was up to Rick.  That’s how I was raised.  My father made all the decisions, and I grew up thinking my opinion, and my mothers, didn’t matter.

In our early years of marriage, Rick never told me that only he would determine any decisions needed to be made.  I assumed that because of the relationship between my parents.  I quickly began to resent not having a say in our marriage.  Whatever Rick wanted was what we did because I said nothing.

This lack of communication, on my part, became a huge obstacle that almost destroyed our marriage.  I had to learn to speak out.  Through God, I discovered that my opinion did count and marriage was an equal partnership.  I wasn’t doing my share!

The “evil stored in our heart” is usually part of the baggage we carry from our childhoods or from a traumatic experience.  We need to learn to, first, figure out what the issues are and face them.  Sometimes it helps to talk about it to a trusted friend, or even better, your spouse.  Sharing these issues with your spouse can bring a deeper level of intimacy.  Baring your soul with the person you love brings a sacred bond that only enhances the marriage relationship.

Once you talk about the problem and get it out on the open, then you can turn it over to God.  Pray with your spouse about it.  Ask God to take this burden that it will never infringe on the good you desire in your heart.


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