Increasing Your Faith

For those of you who may have recently tuned into this blog, I usually write on topics that deal with marriage.  Frequently, you will find articles about your relationship with God.  Your faith can be a strong barometer as to the well-being of your marriage.  Therefore, I believe it is important to discuss the role God plays in your life.  If your marriage experiences problems, checking your vertical relationship with God is the first key to the road of healing.

My last posting discussed faith.  Now I want to look at what the Bible tells us about increasing your faith.  In this world, we need all the faith we can get!

Romans 10:17 says, “Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.”

Our faith is strengthened through God’s word, the Bible.  This is why it is so important to study the Bible and know what is in it.  Hearing God’s word once a week on a Sunday morning is not enough if you want your faith to get you through trials.  That would be like going to the gym once a week, expecting it to be all you need to stay in shape.  The Bible is our nourishment.  We need it daily to sustain us emotionally, much like food physically keeps us well.

My morning Bible and prayer time is crucial to me for a day of peace.  That doesn’t mean I’m immune from trials the rest of the day.  It just guarantees that I will have that fresh dose of faith to get me through whatever I face.  If I skip a morning, I’m not as prepared.  The devil will take advantage of that.

We easily forget the promises God makes to us unless we continually remind ourselves by studying His word.

John 8:30 tells us, “Even as He spoke, many put their faith in Him.”

Obviously, we don’t have the luxury of seeing Jesus in human form and hearing Him speak to the multitudes.  Many who experienced that believed in Him just by listening to His words. 

While we physically don’t see Him, we have His words written in the Bible.  He will use those words to speak directly to us about needs in our lives or circumstances that seem insurmountable.  In order to experience this, though, you need to spend time with Him studying His word and build a relationship with Him.

The first time I felt God speaking to me through scripture was miraculous to me.  I knew that I knew that I knew that He personally answered my prayer - in the words in front of me.  It is an awesome experience to see Him communicate with us this way, and certainly a very powerful faith builder.  If you haven’t experienced this, I encourage you to dig deeper in your Bible study and prayer.  God is waiting to talk to you.  He needs to know that you are serious about listening to Him.

More to come about faith.



Ginger said…
Thank you so much for this message. You guys are so awesome and such an inspiration! We love you all!

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