You Are Not Alone - Everyone Has Problems

I think one of the biggest lies Satan tells us is that we are all alone in our problems.  No one else is going through struggles in their lives like we personally are, or so the devil would have us believe.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Everyone deals with huge issues at one time or another in their lives, especially now with the plight of our economy and the decline of our country.  I would go so far to say that there may be no one problem free in this time in history.  Tighten your seatbelts – it may not get any better.

As we face the end times we may see things we never dreamed possible.  We may continually struggle as times get harder and our trials get tougher.  It seems to me that God is preparing us all for – something.   He’s building our character and our strength.  Even mature Christians who have walked firmly along God’s path are finding challenges on their path like never before.

So why do we still put on our “church faces” and act like all is well when we see our fellow Christians?   Shouldn’t we be joining forces and supporting one another as we face these difficult times?  We pretend like we’re mighty Christians who shouldn’t have problems.  We are so fearful someone may think our faith must not be strong enough if we experience crises in our lives and especially in our marriages.

The majority of Christians resist admitting they have marriage problems.  Many times they wait to seek help when it’s too late.  We go to church to become filled and refreshed, so why can’t we seek help to refresh our marriages?  I suppose it goes back to the fear of judgment.  Everyone knows that good Christians don’t have marriage problems or children in rebellion.  What a lie of the devil!

The most therapeutic revelation we see with couples who attend our classes and seminars is the knowledge that they aren’t alone.  It’s encouraging to find that everyone else is also married to an alien and dealing with the very same issues.  When they hear others share similar experiences and frustrations in marriage, a weight seems to lift from their shoulders, and they find comfort in realizing how common their issues are.  They are not the only ones who struggle.

Often times, when we counsel couples, they only need one or two meetings with us to figure out where the problems lie.  Most of us don’t know how to be married and need some guidance along the way.  I only wish we were a little more willing to ask for that help.
It’s like our car engine.  In order to keep our car running smoothly, we need to maintain the engine.  We need an oil change every few months or problems will quickly arise.  Fluids need to be kept at a substantial level.  Tune-ups are a necessity for optimum  performance of your car.

We should maintain our marriages as well as we do our cars.  Reading books, or watching videos, or attending classes will only enhance your marriage relationship and give you ideas how to improve it.  Finding a trustworthy mentor to voice your concerns to and get some ideas from will do wonders for you. 

You can learn how to keep your marriage running smoothly before you face a major breakdown.  You’re not alone – everyone needs regular marriage maintenance!


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