Let's Celebrate the Right People

I hope you all had a joyous weekend and remember to celebrate this Memorial Day for its true meaning.  I ask you to stop for a moment today to pray for the military people who have given us the peace and freedom we know in our country.
This is also a very special day for my husband and me.  We have been away for the weekend celebrating our wedding anniversary.  Rick and I were married thirty years ago today.  SO hard to believe!  I remember when I thought people married THAT long were REALLY OLD!

I realize that these days, reaching the thirty year point is quite a milestone. Fewer and fewer couples are achieving it.  It saddens me so to see how quickly couples discard a relationship that could have been fixed.  I often wonder what my life would have been like had I left Rick, over twenty years ago, as I planned to at the time.  I know I chose the right path by sticking it out (thanks to Gods persuasion), and I have been so amazingly blessed by God for my obedience to my wedding vows.  I adore my husband and look forward to the next thirty years with him.

I recently read the marriage statistics for the current census of our country.  Forty-eight percent of couples sharing a household these days are married.  Back in the fifties, that number was seventy-two percent.  I’m afraid those numbers will only decline unless we initiate some drastic changes in our country.
More and more people are deciding to live together without a wedding certificate.  It’s become the norm. Only thirty years ago, as I prepared to marry, living together was still quite the taboo.  Couples nowadays are afraid of marriage. That’s understandable as over half of them have already experienced divorce as children.   Many believe marriage to be an antiquated institution that is unnecessary in this generation.  It is a sacred value, once the backbone of our society, that is being tossed aside.

I feel as though  the values and morals our country once embraced continue to slide further into the pits every day, becoming less and less important.  When I see the kind of behavior on television that sets the tone for our society, I realize how entrenched in evil we are.  Who wants to see Lady Gaga, in nothing more than her underwear, emulating sex on stage while she’s supposedly, “performing” – on a family show, no less, aired by millions.  I have no tolerance anymore for the garbage that we allow in our living rooms.
No wonder marriage is in such great jeopardy.  No wonder our society is in such great jeopardy.  You’ve all heard me get on my band wagon in the past about the problems in our country, so I will try to refrain from it. On this day, we celebrate the real heroes of our county who have worked hard to save us from peril, and we especially remember the many who have made the ultimate sacrifice - their own lives .

These are the people who should be honored in this great nation - the military personnel who spend day after day in danger to protect us, to risk their lives for our safety.  They are the people who spend months and even years away from their loved ones to serve their country.  This is who should obtain the celebrity status that our entertainers and athletes achieve.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if military folks and teachers received the same pay as they do?

I believe our country is in these dire straits because we celebrate – and follow -  the wrong people – and we don’t worship the right God.
Don’t forget to thank people in the military for serving our country – give a soldier a hug.


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