God and Marriage

I apologize for my lateness with my article.  I’ve been in Pennsylvania since last Wednesday helping my mother prepare to move to Florida, and I also attended my nieces wedding.  I had limited internet access all week and was unable to get to any WiFi on Sunday.  I spent Monday driving and then sat in a hotel Monday night in Georgia trying to finish this before my mind gave out.  How can sitting in a car all day be so exhausting?

Okay, I was unable to finish in the hotel – my brain cells would not focus enough.  I’m back in Florida now and finally completing this.  It is so wonderful to be home!  There is so much truth to the old adage “There’s no place like home.”  Thank you Dorothy!

Back to marriage: God created marriage to be a holy union between a man and a woman; a union not meant to be separated.  He did that so we would have a partner to share our lives, so we would not be alone.  He meant for us to have someone to help us and complete us.  We come together as two separate halves that make a beautiful whole.  It takes a lot of trials and compromise and selflessness to forge those halves into a whole, but we are not complete without that other half. 

Marriage is God’s will for His creation.  When we go against that will and divorce, or never marry and have multiple partners through our life, we miss out on the amazing blessings God may have planned for us.  We also suffer the consequences of disobedience to His will.  Anyone who’s been through divorce as an adult or as a child knows the devastation that comes with it.

Marriage takes a lot of work. There are obviously times, though, when we have no control over a partner who leaves and files for divorce.  It takes two to make a successful marriage.  God certainly forgives divorce, but He doesn’t erase all the consequences that come with it. 

God created sex for a man and a woman, united in marriage, as a physical bond between them that solidifies their union as one.  It comes with the duty to procreate, to be fruitful and multiply.  Genesis 1:28 - God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number.” 

Again, we face the consequences of defying God’s word when we use sex outside of the marriage relationship.  Sex was not meant to be a “casual sport” adults perform because it feels good.  Every person you have sex with receives an emotional part of you because of the deep bond God intended the act of sex to establish.  That lost emotional part, when given freely to partners outside of marriage, creates a void in your soul that can only be healed by a commitment to a marriage partner as God intended.

And what about the children?  Children born out of wedlock have a great disadvantage in life.  They do not have the stability of parents raising them together.  Regardless of what the world may tell us, children thrive at their best with a mother and father at home, even more so when both the mother and father are their biological parents.

There is no doubt about God’s desire for marriage and why we should marry.  We have gotten far away from those intentions in our society because of our selfishness and lack of morals.  It is no wonder our society is failing.  Without the security of marriage and family, the way God meant for it to be,  lives fall apart.


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