Prayer for a Married Couple

Prayer for a Married Couple
Iyanla Vanzant

Dear God:

Bless my marriage today.
Bless me and my wife/husband with a clear vision of your purpose for our union.
Bless us by ordering our steps.

Bless our prayers for each other. Bless us with safety from all harm. Bless us with hearts
that are open and filled with gentle compassion for each other.
Bless us so that we will remember to compliment and encourage each other.

Bless us with strength from the inside that spills forth to the outside so that no weapon
can be formed against us or within us.

Bless my wife/husband in everything that she/he does this day.
Bless her/his thoughts, words and deeds in every situation and under all circumstances.

Bless and fill my wife’s/husband’s heart with overwhelming peace and joy. Hear her/his
every concern and bring every appropriate solution to her/his mind clearly and gently.

Bless me to know and to see only the things that really matter and to surrender all habits
of thought or speech that breeds discord.

Bless our finances today. Remind us to use our resources wisely and to give of our first
fruits to you.

Bless us so that we will cooperate with each other.
Bless us so that we will see the goodness of your presence in each other.

Bless us with kind thoughts of each other that spill forth from our mouths as kind words.
Bless us to know when to speak up and when to listen.
Bless us to hear with our hearts, not our hurts.
Bless our marriage to be a breeding place for your presence and your love.

Dear God, I invite you into the center of my marriage so that it may grow to be all
that you created it to be.

For the blessing of your peaceful, loving presence in the center of my marriage,
I am so grateful.




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