Do You Know Your Purpose? Part 2

Many of us are not born into the world with a Bible in our hands and parents who lovingly lead us to God.  We have to experience the world first and make the decision if we will follow the ways of the world or the ways of the cross.  Few are brought up in a true Christian home that shelters them from the ways of the world, while teaching them fulfillment in the hands of God.

I think of an associate pastor at one of the churches we attended, whom we used to jokingly say, was saved from the womb.  He lived a sheltered life and always had God in it, thanks to his loving parents.  He’s a wonderful person but not the first person you would think to go to for help in a truly difficult situation.  His world experience is limited.

That’s not to say he isn’t a wonderful Christian and pastor, he just wasn’t called to go witness to drug users or alcoholics or adulterers.  Most of us have to go through unimaginable trials before we turn our lives to God.  God needs us to experience the world so the world can then relate to us.  That’s why He sent Jesus to Earth as a human – to experience the world so we could relate to Him.  That’s the basis to our own ministries.

The big problem, though, is that we get too comfortable in the world, too busy and too involved.  We forget that God put us here for a reason.  We get consumed by our families, our careers, our churches.  I wonder how many Christians actually think about God’s purpose for their lives?  And I promise you, the devil is doing everything he can to make those purposes never come to life.

As humans, we also tend to allow our past experiences to form who we become, not allowing God to mold us into who He wants us to be.  We carry baggage from our childhood and previous relationships that affect the choices we make.  If not taken care of and unpacked, this garbage can cripple us from feeling worthy enough to pursue God’s plan for us.  Past experiences can paralyze people from fulfilling God’s plan for them.

So what do you do?  You get rid of the garbage!  God is waiting to free you from the burdens you carry.  Stop dwelling on what so-and-so did to you 20 years ago and think about the amazing things God has done for you and will continue to do.  Get rid of the negative thoughts and look at the positive.  Negativity, fear, and disbelief will keep you in a prison where Satan is the warden.  You have to change your thinking and believe in the great plans that God has for your life.  When you live in doubt, you prevent Him from fulfilling the destiny He has called you to. 

Focus on the good that God has brought to your life.  Make monuments of all the amazing healings and answers to prayers He orchestrated for your good.  Realize that we serve a great God who has mighty plans for your life, if you just allow Him to lead you.  Always remember what God has done for you in the past so you won’t doubt what He wants to do for you in the future.

Joel Osteen talks about how too many Christians are afraid to “think big”.  They pray for the little things but don’t dare to ask for the big ones that seem impossible.  If God has placed a dream in your heart or a desire for a ministry, don’t ignore it.  Dare to ask Him! – as Joel would say, and  Radical faith brings radical results!

“When you are positioned rightly under God, you won't have to go looking for your calling because your calling will find you.” Tony Evans 

Find out the purpose God intended for your life.  Only then will your life make sense, and you will begin to experience the amazing blessings and plans God has set aside just for you!


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