Making a Decision to Forgive - by Joyce Meyer

For this week’s blogpost, I want to share an article about forgiveness by Joyce Meyer.

Making a Decision to Forgive
When someone hurts us, we often react as though that individual has stolen from us.  We feel that they owe us, yet God wants us to let it go.  If we refuse to forgive, what hope do we have of receiving what we need?
To receive from God what He has promised in His Word, we must obey Him, regardless of how difficult it may be.  We must forgive.
The greatest deception that Satan has perpetuated in the area of forgiveness is the idea that if our feelings have not changed, we have not truly forgiven.  When you decide to forgive someone, don't let the devil convince you that because you still have the same feelings, you have not really forgiven the person.  You can make the right decision to forgive and not "feel" any differently.  That's when faith steps in.
You have done your part, now wait on God.  He will do His part and heal your emotions, make you whole, and change your feelings toward the person who hurt you.
Prayer Starter:  "Lord, I choose to forgive those who have hurt me.  I release them from their debt, in Jesus' name.  Heal my heart and make me whole."
Joyce Meyer


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