A New Beginning

Happy New Year!  Another new year with a fresh slate ahead for wonderful adventures to be had!  We get a new beginning!

This year will start with my new book coming out in a few weeks - “GPS to a Joyful Marriage.”  This book has been in the making for a number of years.  It is a short, easy to read book that gives you biblical tools to help a troubled marriage and to help maintain a healthy marriage.  It is comprised of information that Rick and I have gathered over the years, from counseling couples and holding seminars, which we believe to be the core of a successful marriage based on biblical principles.

Now that I’m on a purposeful track to expand my marriage ministry with my husband, I plan to get back to marriage articles on this blog.  I have strayed a bit and gone off into other tangents.  Thank you for your patience – those of you who have come seeking marriage advice to only find words about food!  This blog has been around for almost six years and actually started with information that I used for my book.  You can access past articles on whatever topic you desire (see the category list on the right side of the blog).  Now back to marriage stuff!

The “GPS” in “GPS to a Joyful Marriage” stands for what I call “emergency help” for marriage.  If you don’t have time to seek counsel or read a book, remember “GPS”.  Following these directions will lead you on the right path to a healthy marriage.

“G” stands for God.  Put God first in your life – ahead of your spouse and your children, your work and your church.  We were created by an amazing God out there who desires to know us.  Going to church every Sunday and Wednesday will not do it.  He wants a personal relationship with us where we turn to Him for every aspect of our life.

When my marriage was in shambles, and I contemplated leaving my husband for another man, I heard a small voice in my head saying, “I’m not going to be happy if you divorce your husband.”  I knew it was God.  I had been more active in church in those days than I’d ever been in my life, yet it was also the most immoral time of my life.  I didn’t want to hear what God had to say to me.

Rick had gotten an assignment to go to Bitburg, Germany at that time, and I did not want to go with him. God’s continual reminder about not divorcing my husband stuck with me, though.  Deep in depression, I didn’t know what to do.   It occurred to me that if I could love Rick again, I could face whatever the future held in a foreign country.  With nowhere else to turn, I started praying to God to show me how to love my husband again.  It was a test to see if God was real and if He would be there for me.

God began to return that love, and I went to Germany.  He healed my marriage in such a mighty way that I don’t ever want to go back to life without Him.  I will always include Him in everything I do.

God has a plan for each and every one of us.  When we are busy with living life our own way, we will certainly miss it.  I promise you, God can do much greater things for you than you can possibly do on your own.  He can do greater things for your marriage if you just take the time to build a relationship with Him.  Include Him in the middle of your marriage.  Take your problems to Him.  He will lead you to the healthy marriage He desires for you.

Start this New Year by involving God in all you do, especially when it comes to your marriage.  You will see amazing changes in your life!

More “GPS” to follow…


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