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                                  GPS to a Joyful Marriage

                                                            Featuring Sandee Lester

"Through humor and brutal honesty, Sandee Lester shares her struggles of life married to a fighter pilot in the Air Force. Ultimately, she planned to leave her husband for another man but discovered the key that saved her marriage and her life."

Passionate about reaching out to other women, Sandee Lester has been in marriage ministry for over twenty-five years. Performing since the age of seven, her comfort in front of an audience and love of  people make her an entertaining speaker for your women’s event.

In her powerful testimony, she openly shares her painful experience of dealing with troubles in her marriage, over thirty years ago, that were magnified by the sudden death of her father. After his death, she found herself facing issues from the divorce of her parents she never dealt with. Her anger towards her father transferred to her husband, who at that point, focused his time and energy on his Air Force career. She felt abandoned by her father and abandoned by her husband and turned to another man for support. When her husband got an assignment to go to Germany, she contemplated divorce.

God miraculously intervened at a time where Rick and Sandee could see no hope. He drew them closer to Him and to each other, and gave them the passion to reach out to other couples. Since that time, they have counseled couples, taught classes, spoken at churches, and held marriage seminars. They continued working together with their Resurrection Power Marriage Ministry until Rick's death in July of 2019.

In her years of moving all over the world with the Air Force, Sandee has worked at numerous churches as the music director/worship leader/pianist, and worked as an assistant pastor in Australia. She has written three books for her ministry and has performed professionally as a singer/pianist for over 30 years.

Sandee combines her desire to help women along with her musical talents to present her message of hope. She is available to speak at events or to hold a day-long workshop.  Below are her workshop topics.

GPS to a Joyful Marriage Topics:

“Maintenance” - Communication: The key to a happy marriage.

“Fill the Gas Tank” - Love and Respect: What is love and respect to you?
                         What is it according to the Bible?

“Rev your Engines!” - Honest talk about sex and intimacy.
          *Sandee’s most popular topic - includes a question and answer time for women to anonymously ask personal questions.

“Follow the Laws" - Priorities: Are yours in order?

“Fixing a Crash” - Can your marriage survive an affair?

These are a few of the topics Sandee offers. She can also plan her program according to your needs and ideas.  A performance including your favorite gospel numbers and/or her original music is available upon request.   Sandee asks no fee but would appreciate a love offering.

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