Sandee's Books

"When Superheroes Fall" is the story of how Sandee's marriage to Rick almost failed until God stepped in and saved them.  To learn more about the book go to or to purchase a copy, please go to:

"GPS to a Joyful Marriage"
, is a book that contains the basic information Rick and Sandee use in their seminars.  It gives couples the necessary tools to direct them through the difficult times and supplies essential maintenance to keep the love alive.  "GPS to a Joyful Marriage" can be purchased at  

Sandee has also written a seven week bible study for couples, "GPS to a Joyful Marriage Bible Study for Couples", that compliments the book.  To order, go to or contact Sandee at

"Resurrection Power for Marriage; Daily Supplement for a Healthy Marriage", is Sandee's latest book in ebook form.  This book will supply you with daily inspiration and encouragement for your marriage and for your relationship with God.  Filled with personal experience and bold honesty, the book also includes biblical insights as tools for a healthy marriage.

Please feel free to contact us at:

"Our missi is to provide couples with the tools for a God-centered, Biblically based marriage and to foster the desire to stay committed to their marri



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