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Hello to all my friends who may still visit my blog.  I wanted to update you with what's going on with my blog and my ministry.  My husband, Rick, was diagnosed with cancer over three years ago.  It was complicated by a lung disease called sarcoidosis which is what took his life in July of this year. Needless to say my world has been turned upside down. My partner in life and in ministry is no longer there to offer his expert wisdom   I have no idea what my direction will be in the future.  All my energy is geared towards maneuvering down this rocky road of grief, and I realize it may be a while before God shows me His plans for me. I will keep my blog open and may occasionally write if I feel led. I had recorded a few videologs and hope to continue with them some day.  Please share my blog with your friends.  Don't forget to look at my archive which holds eight years worth of articles on marriage!  My books are still available, too.  Thank you for visiting my weblog!  Ho